iPhone 14 design: Is Apple stealing from the Google Pixel 6?

iPhone 14 design: Is Apple stealing from the Google Pixel 6?

apple iphone 14 notch
© Evgeny Karandaev, MR-R / Shutterstock, Collage: NextPit

The iPhone 14 is one of the most anticipated devices in 2022. According to Apple, the release should not take place until September, but the rumors are already piling up. The camera module in particular could change significantly – and remind you of an old acquaintance from the Android camp.

  • A new rumor shows possible design of the iPhone 14 Pro.
  • The camera hump is reminiscent of the Google Pixel 6.
  • The pictures also show the possible punch hole design.

Whether it’s rumors or leaks, the tech world loves all sorts of conjectures – especially when it comes to the iPhone . The latest rumor now shows a possible design of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. These renders were made by aaple_lab itself and summarize the latest leaks about the Apple smartphone. The change in the camera hump is particularly striking.

You can see a wide camera bar that could replace the square design of the predecessors. The horizontal arrangement of the sensors in the bar reminds us a little of the Google Pixel 6 . A few days ago, a leak appeared that confirmed the previous camera design . But according to the latest rumors, Apple wants to fundamentally change the design of the iPhone 14 and even do without the notch. Either way, there’s still a long way to go before the iPhone 14 launch, so please take these rumors with a grain of salt!

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Apple lab
The iPhone 14 Pro could change its well-known camera design! / © aaple_lab

The notch could also disappear

One of the top rumors about the upcoming Apple flagship is  the disappearance of the notch . The iPhone 14 could have a punch-hole design with embedded FaceID sensors. However, the rumor does not necessarily meet with much approval. Should it nevertheless come true and Apple rely on a punch hole in the future, the render images shown here are not that far off the mark. 

Apple iPhone 14 Punch Hole aaple labs
Will the notch be replaced with a punch hole design? / © aaple_lab

The leaker admits that he is unsure whether these images correspond to reality. They are based on the information he received about the design. According to his source, this could still change slightly. Let’s wait for the further rumors about the upcoming Apple flagship, then we are certainly wiser. Then we can perhaps also estimate more realistically whether Apple is actually copying a little from Google when it comes to camera design. 

What do you think of the rumour? Could the camera module really change? Let us know in the comments!


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