Xiaomi 12 Ultra: Cyclops cam raises many questions

Xiaomi 12 Ultra: Cyclops cam raises many questions

NextPit Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra has been leaked more than once. Sometimes it was about technical data, sometimes about the design of the flagship smartphone. Now it’s about both, but both times related to the device’s exceptional camera.

  • The latest leak confirms the expected unusual ring design of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra
  • Assumed focal length range from 12 to 120 mm
  • Again with 120x digital zoom?

Everything that gathers in the Xiaomi fan camp is currently waiting for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. After we already know the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro and the Xiaomi 12X, only the top model is missing. There have been repeated leaks about this flagship smartphone over the past few months. Including several who dealt with the camera layout, which is reminiscent of a large cyclops eye.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra with an original and confusing camera design

In contrast to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which you can see in the article image above, the camera on the back of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will look completely different. Previous leaks already suggested that we are dealing with a large, circular camera array. Recently, there have been leaked images of Xiaomi 12 Ultra prototypes and phone cases – and now there is a new image that seems to confirm the rumours. See for yourself:

Supposed back of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra
A big cyclops eye – and lots of holes / © Slash Leaks

In the picture we see what is supposed to be the back of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra and notice that there are a lot of recesses arranged in a circle around the large main sensor. We still have no idea what all of these are supposed to be good for. In addition to the main camera, we can probably count on a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide angle, as well as a depth sensor and, of course, the flash. But we see a total of eight recesses – so this is going to be exciting!

But we not only see holes, but also information at the bottom of the camera island. There we find the indication that the 120x zoom of the predecessor should be used again. We also read that the focal length range is between 12 and 120 mm. Assuming that Xiaomi is presenting us with a triple cam here, it is difficult to think of a purpose for all the cutouts.

But that makes things interesting and who knows: maybe we’ll know more in a few days! On May 20th, Qualcomm will present at least one new Snapdragon. And should it be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+, which is also expected for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra could also be right around the corner.

We’ll keep you updated here at phoneblogcrazy, I promise. As soon as the information is available, we will discuss whether it will actually be a cyclopean eye and what else is on board besides the main camera.

Meanwhile, feel free to speculate in the comments on how the Xiaomi 12 Ultra’s cameras have improved over the Xiaomi 11 Ultra. And who knows: maybe one of you has a clever explanation for all the cutouts. 


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