iPhone 13 cannot be unlocked via Apple Watch: solution should come with an update

iPhone 13 cannot be unlocked via Apple Watch: solution should come with an update

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iPhone 13 won’t unlock with Apple Watch due to bug. Apple only introduced the feature with the update to iOS 14.5 to make it easier to use the iPhone with breathing masks. The bug should be fixed in the next update.

If you use an iPhone, you probably also had the problem: face recognition via Face ID cannot be used when wearing respiratory masks. Apple therefore introduced a convenience function in iOS 14.5 with which the iPhone can be unlocked via the Apple Watch. Exactly this feature is no longer possible with the iPhone 13.

Apple is aware of the problem and announced last Sunday that the bug will be fixed with the next software update. On its support page, Apple states that people experiencing the issue should disable iPhone 13 unlocking with the Apple Watch and only use the password to unlock the phone until the software update is released.

Disable iPhone 13 unlocking with Apple Watch

To disable the function that allows you to unlock the iPhone 13 screen with the Apple Watch, simply follow the instructions below:

Apple iPhone 13 apple watch
If you get the error message “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch”, it is best to disable the option until the next update. / © phoneblogcrazy
  • Open  your iPhone ‘s settings 
  • Navigates to Face ID and Passcode
  • If the Unlock with Apple Watch option is enabled, simply disable it

The iPhone 13 I am currently using already has this option disabled by default.

Unfortunately, Apple did not specify in the support note when the software update with this fix will be released. However, it is worth remembering that Apple already launched the first beta version of iOS 15.1 last week and the bug here is already fixed. So it could be that we are not far away from the new system update for the iPhone 13.

I rode the train last Sunday and really missed this feature! Because always having to enter the unlock code to activate the iPhone 13 screen is very annoying. That’s why I miss my Pixel 5 ‘s fingerprint sensor , which is located on the back of the phone. I hope that Apple fixes this problem as soon as possible because it is really useful in everyday life.


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