Release of the Google Pixel 6: Two new clues point to October

Release of the Google Pixel 6: Two new clues point to October


Although Google has already officially confirmed the Pixel 6 and models are already in some shop windows, there is still no release date for the new flagships. However, two hints could reveal the possible start date for the sale of the new mobile phones.

  • Australian Carrier has released a document for the Pixel 6 pre-order
  • Registration is possible there until October 19th
  • The date was also used in screenshots of Google’s Instagram post

The first clue was seen in a post from the @madebygoogle profile on Instagram showing various customizations to the Pixel range’s home screen. The smartphones shown there already run Android 12 , and it is quite realistic that these are Google’s new Pixel devices. The hashtags used as well as the central position of the punch-hole notch serve as clues here.

On three of the recordings the date is “Tue 19” or “Tuesday the 19th.” to see. This prompted many tech journalists to pull out their calendars and magnifying glasses to find the combination next October – and only there!

Coincidence or not, the Australian phone company Telstra already allows registration for those interested in the Google Pixel 6 . And until October 19th you can register there to win a prize.

Since these are rumors based on information with no (seemingly) direct connection, it is not possible to determine whether the date refers to the launch of the model or to the start of sales in the United States and Australia. Previous rumors suggested that Google could unveil the models on September 30th.

No matter when the devices appear – you can find out the most important information about Google’s new smartphones on our dedicated Pixel 6 page  . The devices should be equipped with the new Android 12 ex works, for which you can also find all the information in the linked article.


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