Huawei over, Honor high: smartphone offshoot beats Xiaomi

Huawei over, Honor high: smartphone offshoot beats Xiaomi

Honor 50 Honor Design
© Honor

A few weeks ago, it was already rumored that the Honor smartphone brand, which was split off from Huawei, had a dream start. Figures from an independent source now confirm that Honor has risen to number 3 among smartphone manufacturers in China within a very short time.

As the market research company Counterpoint Research reports, the former Huawei subsidiary has worked its way up to one of the top positions among smartphone manufacturers in China within a few months. In terms of unit numbers, the company climbed to third place in August and was only beaten by Vivo and Oppo .

Counterpoint Honor Market Share in China August 2021
Honor secures third place among the strongest Chinese smartphone manufacturers / © Counterpoint

According to Counterpoint, Honor increased its smartphone sales by 18 percent in August alone, meaning that the company was able to claim 15 percent of sales in the Chinese market most recently. The brand has thus reached the same level in terms of market share within exactly one year – in August 2020 the market share was also exactly 15 percent.

Honor with the best qualifications

According to the analysts, Honor has successfully regained its leading position in the Chinese smartphone market after it spun off from its former parent company Huawei in the second half of 2020. Honor took over a large part of the hardware and software developers from Huawei’s smartphone division and thus benefited from abundant resources right from the start.

Huawei also took over the relationships with contract manufacturers and suppliers, so that Honor was able to enter the market with the best possible conditions. The company, which is at least officially independent, now has several series of smartphones with the latest 5G-capable hardware in its portfolio, including high-end models.

Because Honor is not affected by the US embargo against Huawei, the company can now again offer smartphones with an officially licensed Google Play Store and Google Apps. The Honor 50 is the first model that will find its way to Europe again from the end of October 2021. Honor officially announced a corresponding launch event  just yesterday .


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