Galaxy A53: New information about Samsung’s upcoming mid-range champion

Galaxy A53: New information about Samsung’s upcoming mid-range champion

samsung galaxy a52 colors 2ct
© Samsung

There are new rumors about the Samsung Galaxy A53 and here at NextPit we are excited for the phone to succeed the successful Galaxy A52. The release of the new smartphone is still months away, but we’re still taking a look at the leaked information.

  • The Samsung Galaxy A53 is expected to come with a 64 MP camera
  • It will be available in many different colors besides black and white
  • The publication is expected for spring 2022 from March

This year, Samsung has set the bar for mid-range devices very high with the Galaxy A52 series . Of course, this also makes it difficult for the successor, the Galaxy A53, to top that. Reports about the main camera of the A53 were already circulating in the summer, even before the Samsung A52s was presented.

Now more information about Samsung’s new middle class has leaked out, which is about the color variants. According to the Dutch colleagues from GalaxyClub, Samsung’s next mid-range device will cover a wide range of colors. Among them will be some that were already popular on previous devices.

samsung galaxy a52 hero 2ct
We would really like to see something like this again! / ©Samsung

If the sources are correct, we can expect the upcoming Galaxy A53 in the colors orange, light blue, black and white. But since Samsung recently presented us with more than 49 color options for the Bespoke Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3   , we’re hoping that Samsung will also offer such a variety with other models.

As mentioned at the beginning, an earlier rumor also dealt with the main camera of the Galaxy A53. So it seems that Samsung is willing to continue to use a 64 MP sensor and no big leaps are to be expected with the other sensors either.  

Given the current scarcity of resources, this is not entirely surprising. The next logical step would be to use Samsung’s 108 MP sensor, but the Koreans don’t plan to do that for this price segment.

All in all, of course, we’re looking forward to Samsung bringing a breath of fresh air into the booth with new colors. Nevertheless, the company must of course offer more than just a new coat of paint for the A52 successor. If it stays with the 64 MP sensor from the Galaxy A52 (test) , Samsung will certainly look for other ways to improve the camera. 

In addition, there will no longer be a 4G variant, so that the basic model already works in the 5G network. In addition, we can again expect a strong display, which will probably be able to offer a refresh rate of 120 Hertz – just like the Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A52s this year. 

For the rest of the specs, we’ll have to be patient a little longer. But let’s assume that given the resource situation, there isn’t much more to it than product maintenance with slightly improved cameras and a slightly stronger SoC.

How do you see that? Do you think Samsung should keep up with Xiaomi and Co in the arms race and also enter the race with a 100 MP camera sensor? And what do you generally hope for from Samsung’s upcoming middle class? Will the Galaxy A53 be a worthy successor or just an A52 knock-off? Tell us in the comments!


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