More power with the same size: Xiaomi promises better batteries for 2022

More power with the same size: Xiaomi promises better batteries for 2022

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Xiaomi is already promising us better batteries for 2022. With identical dimensions, the new batteries of the smartphone giant should offer ten percent more capacity.

  • Higher silicon content ensures greater density of batteries
  • Thanks to the new technology, smartphones offer up to 100 minutes more battery life
  • The batteries are expected for the second half of 2022

Fortunately, the days when Chinese smartphone manufacturers were pure copycats are long gone. This is especially true for Xiaomi , which always comes up with exciting new ideas. This also applies to battery technologies. Just a reminder: in the last few months, Xiaomi has been telling us that you can fully charge a smartphone in just eight minutes – and that you can now even charge through the air at a distance . 

Now the company is announcing another innovation in battery technology, which should be available as early as next year!

New Xiaomi batteries offer ten percent more capacity with the same size 

Xiaomi announced via the Chinese platform Weibo that we can already expect the new batteries in the second half of the year 2022, which is just around the corner. According to Xiaomi, the new high-silicon battery technology has three times the silicon content on the negative electrodes than we know from current lithium-ion batteries.

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Xiaomi is working very hard on battery improvements / © YouTube

In addition, Xiaomi has succeeded in building the new batteries in a more space-saving manner with an improved structure and shrinking of the control circuits: Or to put it more simply: A battery of the same size will be able to offer ten percent more capacity. So if there is room for a 5000 mAh battery in a cell phone today, a Xiaomi battery of exactly the same size will offer us a capacity of 5500 mAh in the future. The manufacturer promises us up to 100 minutes more battery life.

In addition, a new chip will ensure that the new batteries behave more intelligently. This allows them to adjust their own temperature when the ambient temperature is higher and do not charge completely overnight. This is to ensure that the batteries are more durable. 

For the second half of 2022, we can expect Xiaomi to start mass production of the new batteries. It is therefore quite realistic that we will still see these new batteries in use in 2022, for example in the Xiaomi 13 series. We are currently waiting for the manufacturer to present the Xiaomi 12 – but we can already see new technologies on the horizon. 


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