Update pause at Samsung: Rollout of Android 12 stopped

Update pause at Samsung: Rollout of Android 12 stopped


Due to problems with Google Play Services, Samsung has once again decided to stop the distribution of Android 12 and One UI 4 in South Korea. The statement was published yesterday by a moderator on a Samsung forum.


  • Samsung halts Galaxy S21 ‘s OneUI 4.0 update due to issues with Google Play Services in South Korea
  • Google is working with Samsung to fix the error
  • Company stated that distribution will resume once the issue is resolved
  • It is still unclear whether the sales stop will affect other regions

It feels like yesterday that I shared my  frustration with you guys about the new Android 12 updates . And what started as a Samsung success story is gradually turning into a nightmare for Galaxy device owners. Because once again Samsung has to suspend the rollout of Android 12. This time it only affects customers in South Korea for the time being.

This time the problem is related to an incompatibility with Google Play Services on some devices. That prompted the company to suspend updates indefinitely. Well, at least until the problem is fixed. Here is the official statement from the Samsung S moderator that  Tizenhelp  reported yesterday:


After the update to Android 12 (One UI 4), a few devices were found to have an error due to compatibility issues with the Google Play system, so the update was put on hold for a while. Google takes action after analyzing the issues.

Once Google’s actions are complete, the One UI 4 version will be redistributed. We are working hard to release a version of One UI 4 as soon as possible.

We plan to redistribute FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) after fixing related bugs and preparing countermeasures to ensure terminal device stability and reduce consumer inconvenience.

Samsung officially released One UI 4 based on Android 12 on November 15, first equipping its flagship devices with it: the  Galaxy S21 series models were the first to receive it. The Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold families followed shortly after. So most of the Galaxy owners in South Korea are not really happy about the update fiasco that Samsung has been experiencing in the last few days.

It is still unclear whether distribution will be paused worldwide or just in Korea. We are in contact with Samsung in Germany to learn more about the issue and will update this article as soon as we receive a reply.

Anyway, let us know if your Galaxy device encountered any issues after the One UI 4.0 update, especially related to Google Play Services.


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